Thoughts On Our Significance

by Sporadic

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released May 28, 2013

Recorded by Lee @ Redfern Studios, Sheffield



all rights reserved


Sporadic Rotherham, UK

Sporadic are a death metal band from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK. Born from a giant egg in 2004 with a brief interlude working in Trevor McDonald's Late Night Emergency Pharmacy they've continued to make the music they love and have a laugh!

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Track Name: Astral Advancement
On knowing the ultimate truth
Not wanting to follow the herd
Seeing through their strange doctrines
Amazed to see people follow
Wandering through life shackled
Never realising they’re slaves
To ancient texts bent through time
When science was in its infancy
Primitive was their approach
As they made sense of it all
I look up at the stars in awe
I see their subtle beauty
They have watched us from the start
And they have the answers
What we’ve been searching for
A better understanding

To why we exist and endure

No deities, symbols and texts

Place your faith in science, shape your own future
Be your own master, and be free
Track Name: To Become Stardust
Rejecting all that’s put before me
Cleansing the mind of any thoughts
Knowing all we are is stardust
Recycled though aeons in space

The vacuum in which we journey
All the way to the end of our time
Forever burning are the stars
Beacons that give the universe structure

To me their existence gives hope
To one day join their elegant life
When all earth ceases to live
Void of life we fuel the fire

We join the endless circle of matter
A circle lacking religion and emotion
Forever and ever the cosmos is reborn
Emotionless is space and time
Track Name: Progression Through Regression
Rejection of modern life
A longing for ways of old
Not content with life now
Thinking when things were different
Worry was never an issue
An atmosphere not seen now
A feeling not felt for years
I abhor the modern living

It makes me sick inside

I long for open spaces
Through ranges and forests
I am at one with earth
I am an upholder of the old school

Values rooted deep inside me
Would mean not much to you
I have visions beyond
A deep connection with the cosmos
Never will these concern you
Never will you feel its influence
Unchanged, enlightened and steadfast
I journey on alone
Track Name: Devolution of Consciousness
Regarding religion in all its forms
Not to single out any particular doctrine
To simplify it all into one god
Fundamentally, its all the same, just different deities

To look upon it with more than just scrutiny
And to realise that it’s a disease
A disease of the mind, psychological
A tragic devolution of consciousness

No man can be sane if he thinks god exists
To think there is any higher power
Is to give in and let go of reality
To be a slave to texts and gods in the sky

And to do so is to corrupt the mind
To shackle the very nature of it
To have it wither away and die
Instead of being free and developing

Religion should be banished
Cast out from society, totally rejected
A disease that can be cured naturally
But only if you want to be free